Know Some Famous And Popular Cocktails Of Whiskey

Whiskey is constantly expanding liquor as it is always a popular and preferred drink amongst many men and women. It is one of the best spirit which offers such great benefits to the human body as well. Best Whiskey in India is one of the healthiest forms of alcohol available.


Most of the people did not the health benefits does whiskey, contain such as aid in weight loss, prevents dementia, improve heart health, prevents diabetes, prevents fight cancer, and strengthen the immune system. Whiskey is also considered as the stress reliever and make you happy. Whiskey is a delicious drink that has some famous varieties mentioned below.

Here are some famous and popular cocktails of whiskey

  1. Malt whiskey

Malt whiskey is predominantly produced in Scotland made from malted barley and distilled in pot stills. It is matured in oak casks for three years. It is high in demand and also known as a single malt whiskey.

  1. Grain whiskey

Grain whiskey is mainly from Scotland and Ireland and contains grains and a mixture. It mostly contains wheat than corn. It is distilled in column stills. It is matured for the short period of time.

  1. Bourbon whiskey

Bourbon is produced in the United states and there are many kinds of bourbon available according to their production process. It is made from the mixture of barley for the fermentation. It is also known as American whiskey. The maturation of Bourbon is similar to scotch whisky.

  1. Rye whiskey

It is mainly produced in the United States and in Canada. It is matured in oak casks for at least 2 years. It is spicy in taste and also known as Canadian Rye whiskey.


So, these are the famous and popular cocktails of whiskey. You should always drink quality whiskey, which you can buy from Bang Brews. Bang Brews is the top manufacturer of Blended whiskey in India. You can buy from the Bang Brews the best drink whiskey and get such great health benefits.


Know The Characteristics Of The Whiskey

Know The Characteristics Of The Whiskey

Whiskey is the amazing drink that is made from the fermented grain mash and has a different variety of flavours. Many beginners did not know very much about this delicious alcoholic beverage.  Whiskey is the most popular liquor that comes in different variations and has mouth-watering taste.

Whiskey is one of the most preferred drinks amongst all alcoholic beverages. Men and women love to drink whiskey in a moderate consumption to get perfect body and health. Whiskey in a moderate consumption is enough for you as it relieves stress and makes you happy. There are different whisky brands available and once you taste any of them, it will compel you to taste it again and again.

Here are some characteristics of the amazing drink whiskey

  1. Water of life

Whiskey is considered as the water of life because it comes from the Gaelic word “Uisge Beatha” Uisge means “ water” and Beatha means “life”. You can enjoy this water of life with your friends or relatives in moderation at your home, bars and parties. So, take 2 or 3 sips of this water of life and can enjoy its delicious taste with the rich aroma.

  1. Health benefits

Whiskey offers such great benefits to your health like it prevents the common cold, aid in weight loss, prevents dementia, boost the immune system, control diabetes, fight against cancer, improves heart health and many more, that’s why it is most desirable and lovable drink. You can enjoy whiskey in a moderate amount and can enjoy its flavor.

  1. Different variations

Whiskey is the only drink which has many different variations such as Irish whiskey, Scotch whiskey, Rye whiskey, Corn whiskey and Bourbon whiskey. They all have different taste, and different aroma. These all variations of whiskey, give you a mouth watering taste.

So, these are the characteristics of the amazing drink whiskey. You should always drink quality whiskey in a moderate consumption so that it can never harm you. To drink quality whiskey you can buy from Bang Brews. Bang Brews is the leading manufacturer of Indian whiskey brands and offers best whiskeys. So, buy from Bang Brews and enjoy the water of life with your friends.

Tips For Drinking Indian Whiskey Responsibly.

Tips For Drinking Indian Whisky Responsibly.

People enjoy their happy hours after work with a chilled glass of whiskey. No one can deny the fact that whiskey is a social lubricant, which makes our gatherings amazing and enjoyable. Sometimes, people forget their limits and drink whiskey too much, which results in bad hangovers and headaches.


If you are a whisky lover, then you should know how to drink whiskey responsibly and stay within your alcohol tolerance level. If you will not drink responsibly, then you can end up hurting yourself and your friends. So, if you want to enjoy your happy hours with your friends, then follow the essential suggestions, brought to you by a leading Indian whisky manufacturer. Here is our list of responsible drinking.

1. Drink with a group of friends

To avoid post drink troubles, make sure to drink with your friends. If you want to drink responsibly, then this is the first and most important thing you should do. Always drink with the people, you can trust.

2. Know your limit

Before all, you should know that what are your limits of drinking whiskey. Everyone has their own drinking capacity, so never drink by following others. Drink-how much your body can tolerate. Listen to your body and respond in a way like your body demands.

3. Drink when you are of legal age

The legal age of drinking in India is 25. So don’t be in a hurry and drink when you are of your legal age. Don’t try to drink with a fake ID or drink in a college campus. If you will break the law and get into trouble, then no one will be responsible.

4. Never drink an empty stomach

If you don’t want to feel the negative effects of alcohol, then never drink an empty stomach. So eat a meal, rich in carbs before drinking whiskey. So, whenever you visit a bar and realize that you are empty stomach, then first order some meal and then drink whiskey. You can also drink while eating to absorb alcohol correctly.

5. Drink water as much as you can

Too much whiskey can dehydrate your body and make you feel uncomfortable, so before and after drinking, always drink water or soda with added vitamins to restore your lost vitamins due to whiskey consumption.

6. Don’t make any sexual choices when you are drunk

Someone in the party may ask you to buy you a drink, but never ever accept that drink. Never ever make any sexual choice when you are drunk, as it will lead to you something, which you will regret later. Avoid going with a person, whom you have just met. It’s not classy at all and you won’t feel proud of it later.


So these are the important points that you are required to keep in your mind for the responsible drinking. Being a Premium whisky lover, always prefer to drink good quality whiskey. One of the best whiskey manufacturers in India is Bang Brews, which craft the best quality whiskey with an amazing aroma and taste.

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Should A Man Drink Premium Whiskey After Having Dinner?

Should A Man Drink Premium Whiskey After Having Dinner?

Whiskey is almost everyone’s favorite drink. It is the most popular and preferred drink amongst many men and women.  Everyone wants to enjoy its flavor, delicious taste and the goodness of aroma. Whiskey in a moderate consumption always a beneficial drink, especially after having fatty meals.


Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is fermented from a grain mash and aged in wooden casks. Drinking whiskey in a moderate consumption really enhance your health and helps to promote digestion. A man can drink Indian whiskey immediately after having dinner as it is considered as the most the digestive aid. It helps to settle the mind and stomach too.

Here are some ways how you can drink whiskey after having dinner


  • With water


Adding few amount of water in a glass of whiskey will give you an amazing and a true whiskey taste. It is the best way to drink whiskey. Once you taste whiskey with water, it’ll compel you to taste it again and again. So, next time, you can enjoy whiskey with water and get a mouth watering taste.


  • Neat


It is also a pure way to drink whiskey, you can taste this amazing spirit as it is distilled instead of diluting it. It is typically the best way to drink a fine whiskey. To enjoy more flavor of whiskey, try it with neat and drink whiskey in your every occasion.


  • On the rocks


On the rocks will also give you a pure taste and the smell of on the rocks whiskey is really enjoyable. It will give you a crisp and clean flavor of whiskey. You can enjoy a soft- spicy taste with warm satisfying finish.


So, these are the ways by which you can enjoy whiskey after having dinner. By reading this blog, you can also enjoy the goodness of premium whiskey after a meal. To drink the top quality whiskey, buy from Bang Brews. Bang Brews is the top manufacturer of top quality whisky in India. So, don’t wait more, buy from the Bang Brews and taste the fine liquor whiskey immediately after having dinner.



Top 4 Famous Whiskey Drinkers in The History and Today

For whiskey lovers, there is nothing better than a glass of whiskey after a long and hectic day, no matter how famous and sophisticated you are. Some people may prefer Bourbon, while others prefer to drink rye whiskey.


Being a whiskey lover, you always wanted to know, which celebrity loved to have whiskey, just like you do. So, get ready to pour a glass of whiskey and get inspired by your favorite stars, who love to drink whiskey. Here in this article, a leading Indian Whisky brand is going to share the top famous whiskey drinkers. Check out our pick of top 4 famous whiskey drinkers.

  • David Beckham

We all know David Beckham, a retired football superstar. David Beckham agreed to launch the single grain scotch brand in collaboration with Diageo. Since the launch of whiskey, we seem him rarely without a whiskey in-hand.

Image result for David Beckham drink

  • Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a revered British Prime Minister and a wartime leader, who revealed that his daily routine consists a large breakfast, a weak whiskey and soda & champagne in his lunch. During the war in India, he also stated that “water is not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whiskey.”

Image result for Winston Churchill having lunch with wine

  • AVA Gardner

The Oscar-nominated actress AVA Gardner is glowing and elegant, just like a glass of whiskey.  She once said, “I wish to live to 150 years old, but the day I die, I wish it to be with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other.” She was a big whiskey lover, but sadly she passed away at the age of 67.

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  • Hillary Clinton

The Former Secretary of the state is known for her political prowess and also known for her love for whiskey. She has been spotted many times, having a few sips of whiskey. We must say, this lady is a big whiskey lover.

Image result for Hillary Clinton drinking wine

This is the list of top famous celebrities, who are big whiskey lovers. If you also wanted to be like your favorite celebrity, then always prefer to have a premium whisky. One of the well-known manufacturers of premium and imported whisky is Bang Brews, which you can choose to have fun at your next event and party.


Know Some Awesome Facts About Whiskey

Know Some Awesome Facts About Whiskey


Whiskey is a legendary liquor, which is distilled from the fermented grain mash. Everyone wants to enjoy the delicious taste, aroma, and the richness of the very fine spirit whiskey. It is the most popular and preferred drink that many men and women enjoys its superiority.

Most of the people drink whiskey in bars, parties and they really like its aroma, freshness and its delicious taste. You can see the whiskey drinkers are the happiest people because it is a stress reliever and offers obvious benefits to your health. The top Indian whiskey brands offer an amazing whiskey that once you’ll drink, it makes your mouth watery.


Here are some awesome facts about whiskey.

  • Whiskey means water of life

The word whiskey comes from the Gaelic word “Uisge Beatha” that means water of life. You can enjoy this water of life with friends. It is made from a grain mash such as corn, rye and barley. Whiskey is a fine spirit that really makes you happy and relieves your stress. Keep in mind that whiskey in moderation will only help you.

  • Whiskey is rich in ellagic acid

Whiskey is the only liquor that is rich in ellagic acid and contains low carb and very little sodium. It also aids in weight loss. You can drink whiskey in a moderate consumption. It helps you to maintain your weight and keep your body fit and healthy.

  • Increases longevity

Whiskey is rich in antioxidants that helps to increase our lifespan and fight the effects of ageing. Drinking whiskey in a moderate consumption will keep you strong longer. 2 or 3 ounces of whiskey everyday will keep you young and fit.

  • Health benefits

Whiskey offers many health benefits such as it prevents dementia, protects heart health and prevents cancer and so on. Whiskey in a moderate consumption gives you a perfect health.


So, these are the awesome facts about whiskey. You should always drink whiskey in a moderate consumption. To drink the best whiskey quality, you can buy from Bang Brews. Bang Brews are a Top whisky in India that offers blended whisky in India. So, buy from Bang Brews and enjoy the real taste of whiskey.


Know Some Different Kinds of Whiskey

When we are going to understand the different types of whiskey, first you should understand what a whiskey actually is. The real man drinks whiskey. Whiskey is made from fermented grain mash. It is the most preferred drink amongst both men and women. Indian liquor is typically aged in wooden casks and gives you an amazing taste and flavour that you love.


Whiskey is the finest alcoholic beverage that is rich in aroma and flavour. It is a smoother and lighter spirit that provides such great health benefits like it lowers the risk of heart diseases, prevents a common cough and cold, and fight against cancer. Indian Whiskey is totally fantastic drink. Drink moderate consumption of the whiskey that is always perfect for your health.

Here are some different kinds of whiskey.

  1. Scotch whiskey

Scotch whisky is usually made of malt barley or grain with the spirit aged in oak casks for over 3 years. Entirely created in Scotland, Scotch is split into 5 distinct categories that embrace single malt, single grain, merging malt, merging grain and merging Scotch whiskey. Scotch has an earthy and smoky flavour.


  1. Irish whiskey

This spirit is formed in Ireland or in Northern Ireland. It is made up of yeast-fermented grain mash or a mash of malt cereals and takes about 3 years of age during a wooden cask. Whisky contains a smoother end as compared to scotch.

  1. Bourbon whiskey

Bourbon could be a distilled American hard drink, primarily made up of corn and is kept in burn oak casks and doesn’t contain any additives. A rather sweet tasting hard drink, bourbon is also a bit smoky and contains a blood-red colour as a result of fermentation in burn oak casks.

  1. Tennessee whiskey

Tennessee whiskey may be a type of liquor created in Tennessee within the united states. The distinction between Tennessee liquor and bourbon lies within the technique of filtering. Tennessee spirits are steeped in charcoal before going into the casks for fermentation.

  1. Rye whiskey

It is primarily made in North America with a mesh of rye and ageing in oak barrels. Rye whiskey is primarily made in North America with a mash of a minimum of fifty-one percent rye and is aged in burn barrels for a minimum of 2 years. Rye may be a type of grass that’s a member of the wheat family. This whiskey includes a slightly fruity and spicy flavour and is nice for creating whiskey cocktails.


So, these are the different kinds of whiskey. By reading this article, you will get to know the kinds of this amazing drink whiskey. They all give you a delicious taste and can compel you to taste it again and again. So, drink whiskey in a moderate consumption and make yourself happy and relieve stress.

Best manufacturer of whiskey

The top manufacturer of imported whiskey is Bang Brews. Bang Brew’s crafts premium whiskey that has great taste. You can buy from Bang Brews to enjoy imported whiskey.

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How to Get Best Whisky Brand in India

How to Get Best Whisky Brand in India

Bang Brews has launched Premium whisky with an aim to attract mature audiences & is already exporting this Indian kraft whisky to a host of nations such as Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida & Goa.
Premium Whisky is a masterpiece created exclusively for those who appeal the finest things in life. Its a contemporary creation of an outstanding quality made for the discerning consumers.

Best Whisky Brand in India.png

Its is a flawless combination of smoothness and strength with no artificial flavours added in it. With a lot of research into the creation of this India whisky popped up a smooth, rich in taste & lingering after taste golden brown whiskey from the kitty of Bang Brews.
What Is an India Whisky
Almost all of the whisky produced in India is made by blending spirit distilled from fermented molasses with either grain whisky or pre-blended Scotch whisky, it cannot be sold in Europe as whisky.

Treat it the same way you would Scotch. As with all whisky, it’s up to you. With or without water or ice, mixed or neat, however you like to drink it is best. Like many countries around the world, Indians agree that whisky is for sharing with friends

Bang Brews is a leading manufacturer of Best Whisky Brand in India. They craft the best quality whiskey, which will surely enhance your senses with its amazing taste and enchanting aroma. Buy the top whiskey in India from Bang Brews and get the best taste of whiskey at affordable cost. For further enquiries about the product you can reach the website at Top Whisky manufacturers in India.

Critics faced by the women who drink whiskey

You can see that there are a lot of white wine and red wine drinking women, but what about whiskey drinking women. Women who drink whiskey often make people shocked. They face a lot of critics of the society, especially males. Women should also be allowed to enjoy a fine whiskey just like men.

Whisky Manufacturer

If you are a woman who drinks, then you must be tired of hearing various mind disturbing things all the time. Here in this blog, we are going to share some clichés women who drink whiskey hear all the time. Have you heard these before?

  • “Whiskey is a man’s drink”

Whiskey is often associated with men and considered as a manly drink. It’s a free country, where women should be allowed to have their favourite drink. No one can judge what they should drink and what they should not.

  • “Do you even know the difference between Scotch and Bourbon whisky”

The scotch is crafted from Barley in Scotland and Bourbon is made from corn. This is the major difference between Scotch and Bourbon whisky, which every woman knows. Though, you don’t require knowing the difference to enjoy the taste of whiskey.  Every type of whiskey is tasty in every form.

  • “Can you hold yourself after having it”

Women can hold themselves very well after having whiskey. They know how much whiskey they can hold all day, every day. What about you? Can you hold yourself after having it.

  • “Do you really like the taste of whiskey”

Women actually have more taste buds than men. So it’s obvious that women can taste the subtle okay difference between whiskies better than men. Women love the taste of whiskey like men do.

  • “Drinking whiskey is not good for your health”

Drinking is general for everyone. It can affect men and women same. If you like whiskey, it doesn’t matter, which gender you are. You can have whiskey if you like. Whiskey has a few health benefits also.


These are the things, which you must have tired of hearing. Avoid them and cheers to your favourite whiskey. Pour yourself another amazing whiskey manufactured by Bang Brews and enjoy your evening. Bang Brews is one of the best Indian Whisky Brands, which produce Best whisky in India. They also produce the best Blended whisky in India. So, have you favourite Bang Brews whiskey without thinking about the critics.

5 healthy drinks to keep your winters warm

Winter has finally arrived and you may be suffering with cold or cough due to the cold weather. In order to keep your body warm, you may have had some medicines, but couldn’t get the desirable results. You can enjoy your winters a cup of something delicious and keep your body warm.

Here in this blog, we are going to share the 5 healthy drinks with a pinch of Indian Whiskey to keep your winters warm. Let’s not waste time and taste the goodness of some hot drinks.

  • Liquor up hot chocolate

Add some chocolates with milk and whiskey and prepare the best drink to keep you warm during winters. This drink will surely give you an amazing taste with some health benefits. So have it and enjoy!

  • Hot whiskey

This drink will surely warm up your winters and give you an amazing taste. Just add some whiskey with hot water, honey, lemon and cloves and prepare a hot toddy drink, which carries an amazing taste as well as health benefits.

  • Whiskey cocktail

Add your favourite whiskey with some orange juice. As the orange has vitamin C and nutrients so it will prevent you from infections during winters. You can have this drink during the night time to get better effects.

  • Whiskey coffee

Everyone loves coffee during winter and what if you get the mélange of your two favorite drinks. Yes, here we are talking about whiskey and coffee. Mix your favorite whiskey with coffee and sugar and then add heavy cream.

  • Apple whiskey

Add your whiskey with apple cider and get the health benefits of the antioxidants in apple cider. If you are diabetic, then avoid this drink, as it has high sugar content. Mixing whiskey with apple cider is healthier than mixing it with soda and water.

These are some amazing alcohol, drinks to make your winter warms. You can try this time Premium whisky, which is manufactured by Bang Brews. They are leading manufacturers of Premium & Blended whisky in India.